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7STOPS is a monthly online magazine. Run by Dustin Coates and Josh T. Franco, it was founded in 2011 with Meagan Elliott, joined by Kate Gavino. The name 7STOPS comes from the number of subway stops Dustin has on his commute from Greenpoint to Flatiron each morning. Every month, in the hopes that others are looking for new and interesting reading material when not playing Cut the Rope, we publish seven variations on a theme.

We welcome submissions from around the globe. If you’ve got something you want to share, please contact us at editors@7stopsmag.com.

Past Issues

While you can click through to view our complete archives, the following pieces are our favorites of the moment:

Nothing to Hem Them InVicky Ho takes a trip to West Texas, a land increasingly known as much for its art and culture as it is for cowboys and lawlessness.

Nature Does Not KnockBenjamin Korman’s look at the Newtown Creek Nature Walk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and the city’s attempt to reclaim a corner of industry for nature

Suddenly Verbose — Josh Franco’s profile of the Books as they drew down their career as a duo has been lauded by fans for his unique insight into what it’s like to be a fan of a band that’s moving on.

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