Willis Raburu Speaks On “Flopped” Gengetone Festival In Machakos

The celebrated Citizen TV news presenter, Mr. Willis Raburu has come out to disown the flopped Gengetone Festival that was held in Machakos County following a low turnout over the weekend.


Raburu took to Instagram to state that it was indeed a lesson learned, mentioning that it was a rare teachable moment.

Willis Raburu on Machakos Gengetone festival


The vivacious music artist and presenter claimed that the Gengetone Festival was not his event as many people claimed on social media. But it was an event that he was invited as an emcee and an upcoming artist.


Raburu continued to claim that the photos doing rounds on social media were taken just moments before the event started officially. This means that party revelers were still flocking in in the preliminary stages of the event and it was during this time that Raburu was hyping the crowd.


However, Raburu went on to claim that the event was poorly organized and planned. Further claiming that some artists declined to go on stage because they were not paid all the money they were promised in the first place.


Raburu took his time to speak with the said artists and claimed that, “Every artist has to be given half of the promised amount and the other half just before performing on stage.” Raburu claimed that he informed the artists not to go on stage if they had not received their paycheck.


In this case, Mr. Raburu intended to reinforce the fact that music artists must never be taken advantage of whatsoever. He said that it is immoral for event organizers to decline paying artists their due and much more dampening the event.


 At last, Willis Raburu had to leave the event earlier than planned, thus the event was a flop as the intended goal was not achieved.


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